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Corner Pantry Cabinet



 can put a dent in your pocket and new, inexpensive cabinets & appliances tend to be lower quality. Have you considered the third option of buying used? We receive truckloads of sturdy cabinet sets, single cabinets, stoves, ovens, fridges, and more on a monthly basis. Most of our inventory is 1/4 of the new, retail price. It’s worth seeing what we’ve got!

Check out our Materials Reuse Facility to save money on your kitchen renovation. We are a local environmental nonprofit located at 6400 Arapahoe Road in Boulder, Colorado.

Materials Reuse Kitchens

We received so many amazing photos from Lauren Kelley. Check out this amazing kitchen! “My husband and I love shopping at Resource. It’s like an afternoon date for us! We just completed an Accessory Dwelling Unit/ ADU project in Old Town Lafayette. We gathered materials from Resource for 1.5 years prior to starting construction. The items that we got from Resource are: Front Door with sidelight, Closet bifold door, Vinyl Plank Flooring in kitchen and living space, 48×60” living room window, Kitchen sink, Kitchen faucet, Kitchen, Backsplash – wood flooring used as a backsplash, Bathroom Door, Bedroom Carpet, Gold Outlet and Switchplates, Insulation in the garage portion, Door Handle for the garage man door The finishing touches made the space feel unique and made our “Modern Meets Historic” style come alive. It also saved us a ton of money and made this project possible.

Almost everything else we used came from Craigslist, pullouts from other home projects, and ReStore.”

Kitchen Cabinet Sets

Kitchen cabinet sets like these are donated daily. Because our inventory depends on donations, we cannot guarantee stock. Please note that these cabinet sets have been sold.

Thinking about making kitchen cabinets fit your space?

“Extra storage near the kitchen table never goes to waste.  There are always reasons to make space:  the kids’ textbooks and school stuff, games, sprout-starting supplies, craft supplies, not to mention stuff related to cooking and eating!  Instead of purchasing new furniture, consider making your own…”

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Home improvement

6 Tips to Maintain Your Home Metal Garages




metal garages

You buy something for a long time if you pick a metal parking garage for your property. Metal garages survive longer than carports and garages constructed with other materials. Because metal is a highly durable material, it will endure a good number of years in your garage or carport. However, despite their durability, the life lifetime of these buildings is significantly lower than what you might expect if adequate care and maintenance are not performed.

Tips to Maintain Your Home Metal Garages

Most people prefer a metal parking garage over a wooden one, as maintenance is more straightforward. You have to put some of the effort into maintaining a metal garage. You don’t have the time or money to spend on maintaining a metal garages.

It does not, however, mean that your metal garage is not given adequate attention. Cleaning is an investment in your metal garage. 

Take Quick Actions

Protect from anything that can harm the structure of your metal garages. Steel garages are more robust than those constructed of other materials, although they may be damaged with time. Any minor problem should be addressed quickly before progress is made. Action will save both your time and your money immediately.

Keep Garage Clean

Your garage may be used to clean regularly, so long as its lifetime requires it to be top-shaped. Clean on weeklies inside and outdoors, but clean twice a week if necessary. Wash walls with a dishwasher diluted with water. Wipe them down. Thoroughly wash away afterward. Ensure that moisture is wiped off later. Use spray-on wax on your exterior metal garage for additional protection.

Check Regularly

You may discover issues before they escalate by regular inspections in your steel garage. If left unchecked, more minor issues may develop into more difficult ones in the future. For instance, the structure of your metal garage might be jeopardized if there is a rust problem and you don’t identify it.

Remove Debris Regularly

If your property has trees and the leaves on your garage roof drop down as on the top of your house, remove them whenever possible. Whenever possible. They may absorb humidity and harm the roof of your garage if neglected. You may potentially develop molds that might harm your garage as well.

Keep Damaging Elements Away From your Garage

Try keeping any paint and harmful products removed from it and storing them somewhere else when using your metal garages as a shed for cleaning goods and garden tools.

Keep It Away From The Pest

Nobody can escape from pesticides. These tiny animals can cause disasters in the stainless steel garage. Are you being bugged? Do you observe creatures, rodents, and structural bugs? Well, they must be taken care of just away, or their objects placed in metal garages can be ruined. Let you not be foolish with the attractiveness of the raccoon. 

Use Preventive Measures

It involves monitoring wear and tears hinges, inspecting garage doors, and contacting the paint as necessary for any damage symptoms. You can deal with any problems that may emerge far before becoming too severe and destructive for you to do anything when you conduct preventative maintenance.

Wash It

When the metal panels start showing indications of filth and dust, make a light purification solution, then the outside of the structure is gently washed with a sprinkler or a soft towel or sponge. Use clean water to rinse the system thoroughly. Make it a yearly habit, and now that day it was erected, you have a metal building that looks as good.


These are just a few ideas and methods that can help you to increase your metal garage’s usage and lifetime. No maintenance or carport routines may reduce the life of your garage or metal carport since you have to fix it or perhaps replace it before you have them. These suggestions will certainly assist in improving your metal garage’s life. 

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Home improvement

5 Things to Consider Before Buying Your New Executive Desk



tips for buying executive desk

Countryside’s Solid Wood Desk Buying Tips

In 2020, many of us have learned the importance of a designated home office. And the furniture in our office is just as important as choosing a quality mattress. As more of us work from home, we can spend eight hours a day here or more. Luckily you can invest in yourself and your work with quality, handmade, hardwood office desks. This guide will help you find the right piece to get the job done.

1. What’s your style?

  • The decorating style will often determine what type of desk you purchase for your space. For example, if you want a mid-century office, you can choose a period-appropriate wood writing desk. Find which type of solid wood will work best for your home or office and then determine your favorite finish option.
  • Desks come in all types: classic, contemporary, space-saving, and specialized. Choose a desk that suits your décor, but will also help make your work easier.

2. Size and configuration?

  • What type of desk will work best for you depends largely on the office space you have available. Desks come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes from space-saving writing desks, to complete u-shaped workstations.
  • Commercial settings need extra space for multi-tasking, meeting with clients, and additional file storage, whereas space is a premium in a home office.
  • Constricted to a corner? L-shaped desks may be just what you need.

3. What type of computer?

  • Do you use a desktop or laptop? Generally, more space and accommodations are needed for a desktop such as a keyboard pullout and an enclosed cabinet to store your PC tower.
  • Laptop desks are often sleeker in design and can be used in nearly any room of the home.
  • Regardless, if you plan to use your home office desk as a computer desk you should consider wire management options to keep your work area free of computer clutter.

4. How do you work?

  • Do you need plenty of space to move around? Do you need a large clearance under your desk to fit an oversized chair? Does your work involve a lot of files, papers, and books? Consider a larger executive desk with plenty of hanging file space and drawers.
  • hutch desk combines cabinets, shelves, and drawers for easy access during the workday.
  • If you’re someone easily distracted, the side barriers of an Amish-made roll top desk could help you focus.

5. What kind of storage space do you need?

  • An organized desk makes an organized mind. Make sure you pay attention to specific desk features to make sure it has everything you need. For example, drawers to hold office supplies, cubbies, a keyboard tray, hidden areas for cable management, open shelves for decor, and plenty of room for daily work.


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