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  Using Winmore’s bid and tender management software, 3PLs can access RFP workflows that incorporate logistics industry best practices to gain visibility into the end-to-end process, streamlining the response process and ensuring bids are submitted on schedule. The software also helps logistics service providers detect.

Requests for Proposals (RFPs) and bids that may be price inquiries for incumbent service providers; Analysts suggest that 18% of RFPs and bids fall into this category that consumes resources, erodes margins and risks the transformation of the industry into a commodity. “Winmore software plays a critical role as the digital foundation of our bidding process,” explained Michael Lutjann, CIO of Imperial Logistics, a supply chain and logistics solutions provider based in Duisberg, Germany. “With Winmore,

 we respond faster with higher quality offerings that make real and lasting contributions to our business goals.” The bid and tender management software launched today allows: Data-driven bidding and bid scoring: Bid scoring shows the third-party logistics providers (3PLs) whose RFQs and bids drive the highest margin and value , which helps avoid low-probability, unprofitable offers. Offer process visibility: Logistics leaders know the status of each offer.

The software provides clear information so that sales, finance, legal, IT, transportation and product teams know what is expected and when, and if there are obstacles that threaten the process. Greater Accountability: Allow team members to collaborate, brainstorm, ask questions, set alerts, manage tasks, and get approvals — whenever and wherever they want. Winmore is designed to increase hit rates, reduce response cost, and help customers get more deals. Winmore runs on Amazon AWS, the world’s most reliable, secure, and scalable cloud-based infrastructure. Winmore is a managed environment that provides immediate value to customers from day one, without the need for help from IT.


*Modern design and 10 years lifetime durable cabinet .

* Heavy duty corrosion resistant UV resistant cabinet , can be fixed outdoor, former window and roof etc.

* * Variable speeds with low noise and the energy-saving design, give you more choices and save energy. This fixed type evaporative air cooler is widely used in workshops, warehouses, etc.

*High Efficiency Cooling Pads With large evaporation capacity , the performance of winmore desert coolers is particularly obvious in high temperature and low humidity areas.

* * Smart LCD wall control , more clear and easy for control operation, even green hands.

* * Automatic cleaning, automatic drainage and pump protection function , more convenient for maintenance. You don’t need to worry about dust or excess water.

*high quality sealed aluminum motor , make it more powerful to create cold and misty winds.

* * Temperature and humidity control function : winmore fixed type evaporative air conditioning units are equipped with temperature control and humidity control function, you can set the temperature and humidity as you like.

* Ideal for many applications such as factory warehouses, hall and tent gyms, spot cooling machinery, horticulture, livestock farming; for anywhere that needs extra cooling..


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YouTube reveal in 2021




YouTube reveal in 2021

The year is leaving and the balance time arrives to learn about what has already been done and design what is to come. From the YouTube Culture and Trends team, we have been working so that, before taking action, you know what your audience could expect in 2022 and arrive with the perfect message on the platform that Latin Americans love.

Before the end of the year, we have a great opportunity to review all the work done, draw conclusions and start planning for the future. We know that 2021 has brought many changes and that reality will continue to be dynamic. It is true that we cannot anticipate what is to come, but we can learn from what these months have left us . Therefore, the YouTube Culture and Trends team analyzed the most viewed videos in the region, in order to identify what people are looking for today and what 2022 could hold.

The conclusions were revealing, not only because they reflect where we stand, but also a profound transformation in society . Knowing these 3 insights below can help you understand what people are expecting from your brand and how best to reach them.

traditional genres

We recently talked about how traditional formats are becoming more successful on YouTube thanks to the power of connected TVs . From comedy to the music industry, conversations between the creators of pop culture are racking up millions of views. The reason? Audiences come to YouTube to witness the most intimate side of celebrities for entertainment that resonates locally. A clear example occurred in Chile with La Junta, a YouTube program produced and hosted by the Chilean Julio César Rodríguez, known mainly for his television programs on the TV channel Chilevisión. Julio appears as the Top Popular Creator #1, and his interview with Marcianeke, owner of one of the newest names in the urban music scene of that country, which reached the first position in the ranking.

What is the lesson for marketers?

If you want to be where your audience is, you need to understand how they consume content. And this not only implies not losing track of what the new voices and new formats are. You must also understand in depth what the new creative horizons are and the possibilities of contact with your target audience offered by the platform in order to take advantage of its full potential.

2. Gaming and sports are a way to stay connected

Sports and playful games have always been a way to connect people. But, with the rise of YouTube, this connection is now also possible online. Both in gaming and in sports, the platform became a virtual meeting and conversation space for the audience, since it allows reliving key moments of the games and extending their life through content specially created by the players. fans. And, also, connect with each other those who share the same passions.

If we talk about traditional sports, the reel created by TyC Sports with the best moments of the Peruvian team in the South American qualifiers was a success in that country. While in Colombia, the video about the Cycling BMX Racing race was ranked eighth among the Top Popular Videos at the local level. The e-sports also conquered looks and go for more. Above all, the Free Fire League Finals, which were a trend throughout the region with more than 19 million views. The video broadcast on May 30 appeared as a Top Trending Video in Argentina, Colombia, Chile and Peru.

When it comes to video games, gamers from around the world have a notable presence among the most popular content of 2021. This is due, in large part, to their ability to use their game to create narratives that engage viewers. Minecraft has become one of the most popular in the region thanks to formats like Minecraft Pero and Survival Games: Invictor is one of the leading creators of the first format with more than 6M subscribers gained this year. Also, to the presence of creators focused on both the Top Popular Creators and Revelation Creators categories, as is the case of the Spanish MrDs4 , who received more than 3M subscribers this 2021.

But the list of successful gamer content doesn’t end with Minecraft, it spans different platforms and genres, from Roblox and Among Us to Friday Night Funkin and Clash Royale. This is proof that as creators continue to evolve the traditional game and look for new storytelling opportunities, audiences are eager to follow. Discover the creators WinnerMax and Lyna in Colombia; The Mariana in Mexico; and Golemcito Games in Peru to keep up to date.

3. There is a new way to tell stories

From doctors and expats, to comedy creators and magicians, Shorts has served as a growth medium for new creators looking to break through on the platform with amazing editing. While audiences have turned to long-form video to tackle familiar topics, short-form has become a kind of laboratory for new storytelling styles that offer a fresh experience on less common topics like humor. , magic and dermatology.

Some of the featured creators in the region were Chingu amigo , the Korean teacher who lives in Mexico and tells how she became Latina, and Palomares Magic , the Mexican Roberto Palomares channel dedicated to magic tricks and mind games, which sometimes reveals their secrets to their audience. Humor was also highlighted in Shorts. Examples are the case of Luis Méndez and Danny Fitt , who turned their family dynamics into a short-form comedy. What is learning for marketers? That sometimes short and simple works well, whether it’s giving people a behind-the-scenes look or demonstrating a new way to use your product.

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How to block calls on both mobile and landline



How to block calls on both mobile and landline

Something that we all suffer almost constantly are calls intended to sell us something, to advertise anything and sometimes they even turn out to be attempts at scams. To solve all these annoying situations, there is no better way than to know how to block calls both on our mobile phone and on the landline.

When it comes to blocking calls, we can be specific, that is, suppress the access of numbers or, on the contrary, we can perform this task for all calls that come to our device. This is already everyone’s choice.

Obviously blocking all calls is something more radical, but sometimes we may have no choice, for example, if we want to concentrate on studying and they just get calls.

Everything we do can be reversed, so if we block all calls for a while, once we decide we can receive them again without problems.

Let’s see what are the ways to block calls on the different types of devices that we have today to receive this type of communication.

Block calls from an Android mobile

If we have a mobile phone with the Android operating system, we have ways to ensure that we are not disturbed by calls that we do not want.

These functions, how could it be otherwise, can be activated or deactivated to the taste and needs of each one.

In Android we are presented with several possibilities when it comes to restricting calls, since we can block those that come from unknown numbers , block a specific number or prevent any type of call from reaching our terminal.

We are going to do everything from the Telephone application or from the Agenda in some terminals. Obviously, depending on the phone we have, the situation may vary slightly due to the layer of personalization it has.

  • We open the phone application of the terminal, that is, the one we always press to call.
  • Then we click on the three dots that appear in the upper right corner of our screen to go to Filter rules .
  • Once inside we must click on Call filter rules .Now is where we are going to look at the different options we have to block different types of calls.

It is a really good thing to be able to choose several forms of blocking, because then each one will use the one that best suits them.

  • Block all calls : in this case, what it does is block any call made to our mobile, except for the numbers that we have on our trust list.
    • Filter unknown numbers : if we activate this filter, all calls whose phone number is unknown will be rejected.
    • Filter private / withheld number : in this case, any number that is private or that does not appear will not be able to call us either.In addition, Android allows us to block calls from specific numbers. For example, if we have a phone number that calls us continuously, making jokes or simply calling us, we will always be able to block it, but for that we need to put it on our Black List or Block List .To use the Block List we must return to the Filter Rules screen and we will see how there is a specific section for this list. If we enter inside, it will indicate the numbers that have been previously blocked , if there are any, in addition to an add button at the bottom.

If we click on Add we can incorporate different ways to block, such as:

  • Add manually : that is, enter the phone number ourselves.
    • Filter prefix : phones with this prefix will be blocked.
    • Add from contacts : we will add our contacts to the black list.
    • Add from calls : in this case we can block numbers that have called us.
    • Add from messages : if an unwanted number has sent us a message, this is the place to block it.

Block calls from an iOS mobile

If we need to block a contact so that it cannot call us again on the iPhone , we will also be able to get it.

We will add them to a kind of black list and in this way they will not be able to contact us no matter how much they call.

  • Let’s go to the Phone application .
    • At that moment we open the Agenda .
    • Now we go to the contact that we want to stop calling us and click on the information icon .
    • We are scrolling down until we can click on Block this contact .

Block calls from a landline

The normal thing to block a number on the landline is to speak with the operator and indicate the precise data for them to block the call option.

On the other hand, there are also some cases in which we can carry out this task without having to call, but rather, through the app or the client part of the operator’s own website , we have the possibility of placing certain numbers in a list by which they cannot call us.There is also an option that is interesting, but that depends on whether your operator has it active or not. Some time ago it worked in most cases and it is as simple as using the code * 60 and then writing the phone number we want to block, all this with the landline off the hook, of course.

As we tell you, it may be that it works for you as if it gives you an error. If so, it is best to ask the company that supplies you with the fixed line what code or systems they use.

Block in calling apps


As you well know, WhatsApp is also used to make calls and as it is the most used messaging app in the world, it is convenient to know how to ensure that certain numbers cannot communicate with us through this application.

To achieve this we only need to perform the following steps:

  • We open a WhatsApp conversation that we have had with the contact we want to block .
    • We click on the three points in the upper right corner and then we go to More .
    • Now we select Block .
    • At that time we will see that we can Block, Cancel or Report and Block . Now everyone who chooses the one they want, but in principle blocking would be worth it.


The other great option when it comes to calls by app is Telegram , WhatsApp’s most direct competition.

In this app we can also block a contact and we are going to do it as follows:

  • We open Telegram.
    • We touch on the three lines in the upper left corner and go to Settings .
    • We open Privacy and security and then Calls .
    • Within calls we have several options such as choosing who can call you (everyone, My contacts or Nobody), adding exceptions to the previous rule or with whom we can use Peer-to-peer.

This is the way in which we can block calls in the different types of systems that we have to receive them.

As you have seen on all devices we can assign a lock to someone so that they can no longer communicate with us.

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Things To Consider Before Choosing VPN For Your IPhone



Things To Consider Before Choosing VPN For Your IPhone

In a world full of new technologies and digital platforms, online security has become a priority over time. With hackers and government censorship making headlines, more and more people are looking for a way to protect their data and make sure their searches are not tracked. More and more of us access the Internet through portable devices rather than traditional PCs, which means our connections are more likely to be on public networks, making them more insecure. One way to do this is to add a VPN to your iPhone; Let’s take a closer look at what a VPN is and what to look for when choosing the right one for you.

What is a VPN?

A VPN is a virtual private network that can be added to your iPhone to keep your internet connection and activity private. Communication between your phone and the websites you visit is confidential and cannot be traced. This ensures that any data you enter is truly secure. A VPN also allows you to access websites that may be blocked by public Wi-Fi networks provided by your workplace or institution.

Why is a VPN a Good Idea?

Ensures That Your Data Is Secure

One of the biggest benefits of VPN software is that it keeps your data safe and private. The VPN software encrypts the data and keeps your iPhone’s IP address private. Instead, your connection communicates through the VPN provider’s servers, allowing you to remain anonymous. This means that the chances of your data being hacked and tracked on the internet are much less likely. This means that your data is safe, giving you peace of mind while browsing the Internet.

Bypass Censorship

Many countries around the world have censorship laws or policies that prevent their citizens from accessing certain websites or specific web pages that have content that they do not want you to see. Countries like Egypt, Russia, China, and South Korea block certain websites, such as social media pages, local news stations, or certain search engines; this could even refer to the iPhone app store.

This means if you live in a country or visit a country and want to access blocked sites. VPNs access these sites bypassing censorship software, allowing you to browse them freely. VPN allows your iPhone to hide your location so that it cannot be detected that you are accessing these sites from your phone from the respective country. It is important to make sure that the VPN you choose is effective in the country where you want it to work.

Get Better Deals

People often go shopping thinking about buying a product or service to find the best price. Some brands try to combat this by trying to track your searches and behavior by increasing prices on their websites if you visit them multiple times. The purpose of this is to try to push you to buy items by making you think the price is going up. This is especially the case for those who sell airline and vacation tickets, which can lead to overpayments compared to other buyers on the same offer.

A VPN means that your visits are not tracked, which means that you can be sure that you are getting the best price available.

Bypass Workplace Firewalls

If you are using a public Wi-Fi network or a network provided by your workplace or school, there may be some restrictions and firewalls that prevent you from accessing certain websites. This can be very frustrating. There are many restrictions to protect users and therefore cannot be ignored, but other policies may be too restrictive: blocking social media pages or website content due to a few words on the site. Some servers may even limit the amount of time you can spend on certain websites, which can affect your progress.

A VPN can use its servers to bypass this blocking tool or firewall, allowing you to access the blocked content. An iPhone VPN works by hiding the IP address of your connection, allowing you to access the internet as much as you like.

Why Do the Public Use VPNs?

As you can see from the list above, there are many reasons why using a VPN server is a good idea, especially on your iPhone, as this is where most of us search for information on the internet and access our important information. Many people use VPNs for a variety of reasons. In a Cloudwards survey, the top reason people cited was that they use VPNs for security purposes. The full results of the survey are listed below:

How Does a VPN work on an iPhone?

VPNs are available from the iPhone app store and can be easily purchased and downloaded through it. When the app is fully loaded, setup usually happens the first time you open and configure the app. During the setup process, the app communicates with your iPhone settings.

VPN apps usually let you turn VPN on and off directly through the app, and you can select the country of the VPN server you want to use to connect to the Internet. Once you turn on the VPN, it will remain active even if you exit the app and use your iPhone for other functions. This means that any browsing, use of other online applications and online communication is protected and safe.

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